The phantom No. 4 machine that made the world excited
\"Equipped with Unit 4 regulation\" that inherits it

You can play at a rate of $ 0.2 to $ 2 per sheet
[Unit 4 regulation] is $ 2 per sheet
High-risk, high-return slots

Online Slots & Online Pachinko [El Dorado] is by invitation only
Invitation code required
For details, see the official page (under construction)

Recommended points of online pachinko and online slots 【El Dorado】

Since it is operated as a sample of a pachinko parlor rather than a casino, there are machine-specific settings and ball output rates.
* Only slots are available at the time of opening, but pachinko machines will be added.


Following the specifications of slot No. 4
【Unit 4 regulation】can be hit

Unit 4 specification model
It is possible to hit one medal at a rate of $ 2.


You can create your own avatar and choose the platform (ball output rate) that you can actually hit in the game

Create an avatar for each person and look around the actual pachinko parlor.
It is possible to peep into the ball output rate of the pachinko machine that you are interested in and the situation of the person who is currently hitting
In a world where remote work is increasing all over the world,
Finally, you can hit pachinko at home.


When opened, there are 6 types of slots, for a total of 1000 slots. Pachislot can be hit for $ 0.2 to $ 2 per piece

[EL DORADO] scheduled to open in March 2021
6 types of slots when open (equipped with Unit 4 regulation)
1000 slot stands are available.
You need an 【invitation code]】to get started.
For details, go to the official page

Pachinko machines will also appear

Online pachinko & online slot “El Dorado” can hit “Unit 4 regulation”!


The online pachinko and online slot [El Dorado] is scheduled to open in the spring of 2021, but we will keep you updated as soon as we get an overview! !!

Is 【EL DORADO】 an online casino? Is it safe ... isn\'t it illegal?


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